Design Process

The design process is applied to specialized projects and long-term partnerships. The steps are the same for both, the only difference being that partnerships will have monthly check-ins to set priorities and goals for the coming month based on short or long-term projects.



To start any project we’ll meet so you can tell me about what you want. This can be a discussion on the problems you have where I suggest design solutions or a project you already know you want to do (ie a new website).

We’ll define goals, target audiences, project constraints, and timelines together. From there, I will conduct my own research on the industry, design trends, and the competition. Depending on the project, I may ask you to give me more information on your product/service or industry standards specific to your industry.

As a Partner, this would be done at the beginning of the month and give us a chance to review the previous month’s projects and outcomes to inform the coming month’s priorities. This will allow us to pivot and adjust upcoming projects and schedules.



Based on the insights gained during the discovery phase, I’ll jump into mood-boarding and sketching to create a couple options of concepts for us to decide on. I’ll work and rework the concepts until they clearly communicate the message we want to your target audience. I’ll refine our chosen concept to reflect your feedback until we’re ready to apply it to the full scope of the project.



Once we have a concept, I’ll move on to applying it to the whole project. This step will vary depending on the project and can include anything from creating custom icons or specialized social posts to web coding or print files.

Whatever the project, I’ll maintain¬† consistent colour and visual language that matches your branding to effectively communicate your message. If needed, I’ll bring on collaborators for special needs such as photographers and make up artists for photoshoots or illustrators for specialized graphics.



Once all the design elements are created and everything is laid out, I’ll do final checks and testing. This will ensure the files meet technical specifications, colour matches, and device testing.

Once I’ve confirmed all the technical aspects of the file(s) to be ready, I’ll send it to you for final approval before it goes live or coordinating with the printers.

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