ChelseySD & Flying Solo

From humble beginnings in a shoebox apartment with no furniture, to a symbol that speaks to the hearts of the brave.

Flying Solo Gear Co. is a Melbourne-based online business that specializes in ultra functional, thoroughly tested, and uniquely designed motorcycle gear.

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Logo Design

Product Line Art

Hang Tags

In creating this logo, my focus was on clarity, versatility, and memorability. I aimed to design a logo that could seamlessly adapt to various mediums while leaving a lasting impression. Inspired by the phoenix rising from the ashes, I integrated this symbol of resilience and renewal into the image of a motorcycle’s killswitch, symbolizing the start of a new journey. This juxtaposition evokes empowerment and excitement, reinforcing our brand’s ethos of freedom and new beginnings.

For the new line of motorcycle bags tailored for sport bike enthusiasts, Amanda recognized the need for clear visuals to showcase their features. Simplified line drawings of the bags were created for social media and product hang tags to effectively promote their launch and future sales. These illustrations highlighted key functionalities and materials, contributing to a cohesive brand identity across various channels.

Hangtags played a crucial role in enhancing the customer experience for this brand’s new line of products. With the bags and brand making their debut, we aimed for hang tags that exuded durability, conveyed a sense of high quality, and effectively highlighted the versatility of the product.

By leveraging the earlier line drawings of the products, we ensured that all features and potential combinations of the bags were clearly illustrated. This visual representation allowed customers to grasp the product’s offerings without the need for additional demonstration.

Maintaining a strong visual identity consistent with the newly established branding was particularly vital for this new brand. The hang tags served as another touchpoint for brand recognition, reinforcing their identity and creating a cohesive brand experience for customers.

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