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An interview with Paul Dufour, professor at the Institute for Science, Society and Policy of the University of Ottawa

Sep 24, 2023

In this episode, SPE volunteer Cissy Suen interviews Paul Dufour, who is an expert on Canadian science policy and a past board member of SPE, about his blog piece on a 1973 senate committee report on science policy in Canada and how that relates to Canadian science policy today. The links to the editorial as well as a book recommendation by Paul can be found below.

Editorial piece by Paul Dufour in the CSPC editorial series: https://sciencepolicy.ca/posts/senate-committee-releases-its-full-report-on-a-science-policy-for-canada-and-provides-recommendations-for-renewed-government-organization/

Paul’s recommended book from this episode:
First Principles: The Crazy Business of Doing Serious Science


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We sincerely thank Paul Dufour for this valuable discussion and we acknowledge the contributions of the team that made this podcast episode possible:

– Interview by Cissy Suen
– Script writing by Madhura Lotlikar and Gloria Lau
– Audio edition by Noa Kemp
– Podcast production by Jonathan Caballero