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An Interview with Roseann Runte and the Canada Foundation for Innovation

Feb 28, 2022

The inaugaral podcast from Science & Policy Exchange features and interview with Roseann Runte, president and CEO of the Canada Foundation for Innovation, also known as CFI. We’ll be asking her about her thoughts on the Canadian Youth Science Survey, conducted by CFI, Ipsos, and ACFAS, l’association francophone pour le savoir, which examined the attitudes and opinions of 18 – 24 year olds on science in Canada. We’ll also provide a brief update on the recent increase of $550 million in funding to Canadian researchers from the Government of Canada.

You can connect with CFI on Twitter @InnovationCA, Facebook or LinkedIn #PromisingFutureNow

The events reported at the end of the show featured the Canadian Science Policy Center’s call for volunteers, National Science Policy Network’s fourth annual science policy writing competition, and the third annual open conference held by InsSciDE.