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The 2022 Canadian federal budget and what it means for research and innovation

Jul 4, 2022

In this episode we interview science journalist Brian Owens (@BL_Owens) about the 2022 Canadian federal budget and what it means for Canadian research, development and innovation, including the creation of a new innvation agency. You can read more about it in the following article which our guest has recently written for Nature. To read more of Brian’s work, check out his website here.

Following last month’s special which focused on Ukraine, we’ll ask Dr. Richard Sandbrook from the Munk School of Global Affairs and Science Policy about the Science for Peace organization based at the University of Toronto and about the role that scientific collaboration has to play in promoting peace internationally, particularly in the context of the current Russian-led war on Ukraine. You can also connect with Science for Peace on Instagram (@science_4_peace) and Facebook.

Finally, Anne Barker from the National Research Council of Canada will tell us about the Arctic and Northern Challenge Program which aims to address the pressing issues identified by northern peoples as impacting their quality of life.

No upcoming events were reported in this episode — we wish all our listeners a great summer holiday!