Madhura Lotlikar (she/her) LinkedIn

Project Lead – Sleep Policy

Madhura is a Ph.D. student in the Integrated Program of Neuroscience at McGill University. She hooks people up to EEG electrodes and puts them inside MRI scanners to understand how their brain changes after exercise and sleep loss. Before working in human research, she was a molecular biologist researching Alzheimer’s disease in a hot nook of Southern California and then at Harvard Medical School. Madhura joined SPE with a motivation to integrate sleep research with societal and public health policies. She aims to bridge this gap by collaborating with various experts in the field of sleep and policy along with the support of a diverse team of students who bring diverse perspectives about both policies and research. She anticipates that these events, along with future ones, will place sleep policy on the agenda of decision-maker discussions and motivate greater participation of next-generation students in such initiatives. Outside the lab, she dons a photographer’s hat, rambles through cafes and reads books. Please suggest a good ramen place!