Paola Saavedra-Tovar (she/her) LinkedIn

Social Media Manager

Paola works as a clinical trial associate for a pharmaceutical company in the field of clinical research. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology engineering and a master’s degree in microbiology and immunology, with a primary focus on cellular senescence and cancer. Paola is interested in social justice, gender issues, raising awareness about women’s health, and the development of public policies to encourage more funding for research on women’s diseases in medicine and science. Paola has joined SPE as Social Media Manager and she aims to advocate for expanded opportunities for women in STEM, facilitate the effective communication of scientific knowledge, and ensure its accessibility to a diverse audience. Additionally, she is committed to raising awareness about gender inequality issues within the scientific community and actively promoting the inclusion of minority groups in this field. Beyond her professional and academic career, Paola enjoys learning languages and doing outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. She also enjoys reading novels and science books, visiting museums, and singing.