Here are our top picks for This Week in Science Policy:


The Government of Canada increases access to treatment for opioid use disorder in Alberta

Canada Invests in University Research

Government of Canada supports efforts to better understand how substance use affects Indigenous communities

Government of Canada announces four new appointments to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

University suggests faculty avoid trips to China amid RCMP probe into lab researchers

12,000 L of oil spilled into ocean off Newfoundland, causing oil rig shutdown

Inside and Outside the Academy: Valuing and Preparing PhDs for Careers


Statement on governance and oversight of human genome editing

NHS abandons plan to let healthy people pay for DNA sequencing

‘Mosaic’ HIV vaccine to be tested in thousands of people across the world

Brexit backer Boris Johnson stokes fears for U.K. scientists

‘No one is immune’: Alaska’s scientists despair over plan to shrink state universities

To feed its 1.4 billion, China bets big on genome editing of crops

And for some exciting #SciPolJobs, Opportunities and local events, we have:


Check out these amazing opportunities at Let’s Talk Science


Manager, Innovation with the Partnership for Public Service, U.S.A

Lead Policy Analyst with, U.S.A

Local Events and Opportunities

Join the Science & Policy Exchange (SPE) and ClimatAble for a two-hour public forum: “#SPEForum – Waste Streams: Can we stem the plastic tide?” on August 20, 2019 at BAnQ, Montreal, to learn about and discuss the future of the plastic pollution crisis. This is an opportunity for the public to ask these hard questions and engage with leading experts in research and policy to help answer them. To know more about the event or to register click here

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