Here are our top picks for This Week in Science Policy:


Minister of Health announces investment of $150M to create “Team Canada of Cancer Research”

Canada is investing in important climate change research

Government of Canada invests in innovative discovery research at Polytechnique Montréal

Minister Bains announces investment that will position Canada as global leader in nanomanufacturing

New Climate Adaptation Project Will Protect Water Resources in Atlantic Canada

Government of Canada Announces Funding to Get Alberta Families Fit and Healthy


Hungarian government takes control of research institutes despite outcry

Ministry of Human Resource Development proposes to establish a National Research Foundation to fund, to coordinate and to promote research in India

Global heating: London to have climate similar to Barcelona by 2050

Pharma’s market: the man cleaning up Africa’s meat

Trump White House shelves ‘adversarial’ review of climate science

California’s stem cell research fund dries up

And for some exciting #SciPolJobs, Opportunities and local events, we have:


Genomics and Society Advisor with Genomics, British Columbia


Senior Associate, Government Relations with the PEW Charitable trusts, U.K

Director of Science Policy with the Society for Women’s Health Research, U.S.A

Local Events and Opportunities

Come and join the SPE team on the 30th of July for our new #SPECafe! This time, in collaboration with Climatable, we will be tackling all questions regarding a zero waste lifestyle. To know more and to register click here.

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